Different types of lace to know when picking your wedding dress

Different types of lace

There is a type of lace for every bride. Some brides like their lace to be striking and sophisticated, other prefer it to be chic and comfortable. Whatever your preference is for this ultra-romantic fabric, here are the different types of wedding dress lace to know while shopping for your dream gown. From the whimsical romance of embroidered lace to the fit and flexibility of knit lace, there is a lace for every bride! 

Eyelet Lace for Boho Aesthetics

Eyelet lace features little holes or circles and adds a boho touch to any wedding dress. This lace channels a vintage aesthetic that’s cool and unexpectedly modern. The eyelet lace on BT20-6 from Enzoani Beautiful is a boho brides dream come true. 

Alençon Lace for Floral Detailing

This lace is named from the French town in which it originated, Alençon. The needlepoint lace is known for its fine netting ground, corded outlined floral patterns, and heavenly detailing. Although this lace is delicate; it can withstand beading and heaving threading. Alençon lace appliqués accent the floral bodice of 3371 by Sincerity Bridal to create a striking effect.

Point D’Esprit for Breathability and Volume 

Point D’Esprit is a lightweight lace with small oval dots scattered over an illusion of tulle or net fabric. This type of lace adds volume for a chic and flirty aesthetic.   44213 from Sincerity Bridal features a whimsical layer of Point D-Esprit, while BT20-02 from Enzoani Beautiful highlights lace motifs over dotted lace.

Chantilly Lace for Vintage-inspired Details

Chantilly lace originated in Chantilly, France and is made from braided and twisted lengths of thread. This lace is still popular today for its fine ground, outline pattern, and abundant detail. The Chantilly lace on BT20-20 from Enzoani Beautiful creates a vintage fairytale vibe.

Embroidered Lace for Dimension and Texture

To create embroidered lace, delicate patterns are tightly stitched onto an illusion base, forming the appearance of an appliqué. Then the lace is embroidered with beading or sequin lace pieces on a separate tulle layer, creating depth and dimension. The three-dimensional sequence lace on Giulia from Étoile creates the perfect modern fairytale wedding gown.

Guipure Lace for Structure and Sophistication

Guipure lace, also known as Venetian lace, appeared in Italy at the end of the 16th century. This lace is firm and stiff where the motif patterns are connected by bars or plaits rather than net or mesh. Notice the structured floral Guipure lace on Rubano.

Knit Lace for Fit and Flexibility

Knit lace does not have a tulle backing, making it more flexible and breathable than other types of lace. As a softer lace, it also contours around the body with ease. SBA0721 features a floral knot lace. 

We hope the information about the different types of wedding dress lace has been helpful. All dresses mentioned in the blog post are available to fit at Sposabella.